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Rene Rose

Welcome to It’s Rene Rose, a blog dedicated to all-around wellness in motherhood, travel, beauty, at home and at work. Rene Rose is a self-made expat, writer, traveller, holistic health coach, and co-founder of Kana Oriental & Companies and The Chai Natural Nail Cafe, now living in the Philippines and discovering the true meaning of holistic wellness and happiness.

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Coming to Asia…

In the same year I graduated from high school, I was given the opportunity to compete in a national beauty pageant in the Philippines. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore and travel before I settled down for college, and so I travelled to Manila unable to speak or understand the local language and unknowingly in for the biggest culture shock of my life.

I arrived an 18 year old unprepared for the journey that laid ahead let alone a national beauty pageant. I was housed, along with 30 other girls, in the housing provided by the Miss Earth Organization, a beautiful mansion located in the heart of Manila.

Miss Earth & Becoming an Expat

I was crowned Miss Philippines Earth Air in 2010 one month before I turned 19 years old. Aside from being truly shocked for my lack of training, I was even more excited for the next year of my life. I spent the next 12 months travelling around the Philipplines with a side trip that lasted almost 2 months in Vietnam as a spokesperson for the Miss Earth Organization on the issues of Environmental awareness and charitable causes for children. I learned to understand basic Tagalog and the customs surrounding Filipino culture in dining, speaking, and dressing.

The most important thing I’ve taken from my one year of a reigning beauty queen in a foreign country, was to quickly adapt and adopt to the more acceptable way of behaving without compromising my own morals.

I learned to be more open-minded, understanding and patient. As a foreigner in a foreign country, it’s important to let down all those walls you built in belief that the way things are done in your home country are the standard for other countries… As an American, this was the biggest struggle for me. To see and experience things that shook my whole existence was to openly accept that some culture customs, no matter how foreign to me, were completely common to the people around me. And I learned to respect that.

Career in Modelling and My Journey Into Wellness

After I relinquished my crown I received opportunities to work as a runway, print and commercial model. Working with brands such as Nestle, McDonalds, Canon Cameras, SM Malls, BEBE, Axe, Human Nature and more. Also hosting on Solar Entertainment TV and walking for Philippine Fashion Week.

After a while, I found the modelling industry to be destructive to my health and wellbeing. The late nights and early mornings, partying and the flimsy relationships started to take a toll on my health. As rewarding as modelling can be for others, it turned out it wasn’t as fulfilling for me and I always knew I wanted to do more…

I’ve always had a natural interest in health, practicing yoga for over a decade and vegetarianism for 6 years, but I realized I didn’t have any education or formal training within the subject of health other than the books I’ve read. So I enrolled in a online nutrition school in New York City, received a New York State certificate to health coach and started health coaching private clients in Manila.

My First Business, The Chai Natural Nail Cafe, and Building Kana Oriental

My First business was a Nail Spa and Cafe I put up in 2014… And after 4 years we are still servicing over 300 loyal customers! I incorporated a lot of my wellness rituals into the spa, using natural products rather than chemical based ones and providing organic nail polish options to our customers. Follow us on Instagram here!

After two years of focusing on running my private health coaching practice and the nail spa, I co-founded Kana Oriental Beauty & Wellness with my sister in 2016. Read all about Kana’s story Here!

Motherhood, Family & Travel

My husband and I welcomed our son, Luca, into the world in July of 2015. Him coming into our lives inspired me to branch my health coaching knowledge into other areas of life like Wellness at Home, Feng Shui, and Motherhood. Luca is the sweetest extension to our little family, having taken over 80 flights in his first two and a half years, it’s safe to say he hardly leaves our side and we enjoy experiencing the world with him.

We then welcomed our precious daughter, Holiday Rose, by water birth on January 25th, 2019. She’s a complete lucky charm and has taught me even more about the trials and rewards of motherhood, of course starting with her intense natural birth.

Why Read This Blog?

Aside from our constant travelling, I’d like to share my knowledge of health & wellness in its rawest form as I learn through my own experiences. I’m not a doctor, but I am a mother, entrepreneur, wife and traveller trying to find that sense of wellness and calm within all of the busyness life brings.

If you’re here for the pretty travel photos, tips and tricks on motherhood, solace and comfort as an Expat, wellness advice for your home and office, healthy recipes, entrepreneural journeys, or for just a splash of Asian culture, you’ve come to the right place! These are the topics that not only interest me, but apply to my everyday life and I’m happy to share all of my experiences hoping it’ll inspire my readers to live happily in and out of their comfort zone.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy! I’d love to hear from you!

x Rene Rose