Hidden Valley Springs, Laguna – Teaching Luca to Disconnect

Looking to getaway from the city for a day?

Look no further than Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna, only 2 hours from Metro Manila – traffic permitting.

I remember when Luca was first born, every Saturday we would take a drive out to Tagaytay, Antipolo or Sierra Madre. These were our special times devoted to giving our son some fresh air, warm sunlight and new nature surroundings. When he was an infant, and even now, I would plant his little bare feet onto the grass so he could feel the earth and absorb some of its raw energy. We didn’t take our first airplane ride with Luca until he was 3 months old, so every weekend up until then this was our only getaway…

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Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to view a video I put together of our trip! Let me start with the difficult – Travelling to the Maldives with a Toddler Travelling to the Maldives with an already jet-lagged toddler, having just came into Manila from the States, is one massive feat. […]

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About Kana Kare Wellness + Giveaway! (Closed)

Welcome to It’s Rene Rose! After launching Kana Kare Wellness, an organic skin care company my sister and I founded in 2016, I received many inquiries asking for a blog that would be devoted to health, beauty and wellness. And because this is a personal blog, I’ve decided to throw in some lifestyle, travel and motherhood […]

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