Supplement Vitamins I Currently Take

I used to be one of those people who thought vitamins were superfluous and just another thing to stress out about. It wasn’t until I experienced my own health crisis, and during my enrollment at a health coaching school, did I realize the importance of vitamins and how they would soon make an impact on my own personal health when I needed it most. Speaking from my own experiences and after much trial and error throughout my health journey, I found these products to be the constant in my self care routine.

Below are the supplement vitamins I take daily, along with a women’s multivitamin (which is not pictured). I make sure to take a multivitamin everyday, but I don’t take my supplement vitamins everyday. Below I’ll note which days I choose to take my vitamins, why I take them, and where I buy them! Before picking up any of these vitamins, its important to speak to your doctor especially if you are pregnant and nursing! Enjoy!..

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