Ubud, Bali


Ubud is the perfect one-stop-shop for food, culture and nature. It was quite a drive from our area in Nusa Dua, about an hour and a half drive considering the traffic. One of our first stops in the mountain city was a restaurant with floating cabanas on a large koi pond. At the Bebek Teba Sari Resto most of the architecture is built with, and inspired by bamboo huts! The food was also very local, fresh and delicious! We ordered a beef and watermelon salad, chicken satay with peanut sauce, I also had a roast chicken, and then my favorite for dessert was black glutinous sticky rice with some ice cream on the side!

The beauty of this place is that it sits right next to a tropical plantation. We were able to get some beautiful shots of the landscape with our drone!

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Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to view a video I put together of our trip!

Let me start with the difficult – Travelling to the Maldives with a Toddler

Travelling to the Maldives with an already jet-lagged toddler, having just came into Manila from the States, is one massive feat. I wasn’t completely aware of the amount of travel by sea, land and air it took to actually get to our Maldivian resort, Angsana Velavaru. Of all the 70 + flights I’ve taken with my son, travelling to the Maldives easily shot to the top of my list of ‘Don’t do this again!’. After two 4 hour flights via Singapore Airlines from Manila to Singapore and then Singapore to Male, we had to take a 30 minute speedboat, two 15 minute van rides, wait 45 mins at the seaplane holding area, take an hour long seaplane ride, and then one last 10 minute boat ride to the resort…

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