Preventative Measures Against Diaper Rash and The Best Diaper for Us!

When baby comes down with a diaper rash, us mommies go looking for all the possible reasons how this could’ve happened… Was it the baby’s diet? The lotion? Did we bathe her too much? But a shocking static on diaper dermatitis states that up to 35% of infants will experience painful diaper rashes caused by one thing, diapers! That’s why no matter what, it’s important to focus on how to prevent diaper rashes to begin with, and I’ll share with you today just how I do that.

As you all might know already I’m BIG on preventative measures to keep my family’s health in check. First things first is making sure my babies are always adequately hydrated. Water, herbal tea and their milk helps to flush out their body of build up, improves bowel movements, and keeps their skin hydrated and less susceptible to rashes. A herbal tea I create for my children is pure chamomile tea, chilled to room temp and a few ounces drunk throughout the day for my babies starting as young as 6-8 months. An uptake in liquids will also in-turn, cause baby to urinate more frequently, which results in more diaper changes. 

I keep a good schedule with my babies and I honestly don’t wait until the diaper is bursting and full to change. I always change after every 1-1.5 hours during the day and in the evenings I always choose a night time diaper, like Pampers Overnight Pants. These save me from surprise leaks and rashes in the morning. 

I always say it’s important to monitor the baby’s urination to make sure that the diaper isn’t being overloaded, but did you know that another factor that could cause diaper rash is trapped heat and moisture like sweat. If baby is playing outside or we’re in hot climate, I always check to make sure baby isn’t sitting in her diaper too long. With Pampers 2-in-1 rash shield I don’t worry too much because it helps to pull away trapped heat and keeps baby free from kulob!

I have 3 kids and my youngest two are still in diapers, so I have had so much trial and error with dealing with diaper rash. Prevention and choosing the right diapers is a must and Pampers has never failed us in anyway. Pampers has been the winner for our babies, having tried many other brands. From leakage to rash, we’ve been protected only with Pampers! I always advise my fellow moms to at least give it a try, as Pampers is approved by Smart Parenting moms nationwide, has receive the #SPSmartMomApproved seal, and is also recommended by Skin Health Alliance. 

The last thing I do to prevent diaper rash of course is to make sure baby is as clean and moisturized as possible. I like to use my own homemade oil blend for my kids, an equal combination of Coconut and Rosehip oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. You can make this at home as a way to combat diaper rash and also is great to use as a baby massage oil after bath!

Being a mom is never easy, and sometimes it can be! I hope my 3 tips help you to prevent painful diaper rash on your baby and give you some peace of mind!

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