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Hi! Here you are! You probably saw my IGTV and decided to come over and screenshot the details of the products and health tips I mentioned. It’s much easier for me to speak and say everything I needed to say about the benefits of each of my tips and the products in a video, since I’m such a talker. But I know it’s quite hard to screenshot through a video, and honestly tedious, and that is why I am pairing this series with a text post for your convenience! So if you haven’t seen the video yet please head over to my instagram page and give it a watch for deeper explanations of the benefits!

Affordable Health boost #1: Dry Body Brushing!

Where to buy it: Click here! I prefer the one without handles for better handling!

Why: Stimulates the lymphatic system, which heavily relies on body movement and proper breathing in order to drain properly.

Price: P179 (+ shipping)

Affordable Health boost #2: Dandy Blend Coffee Replacement!

Where to buy it: Click here! I really recommend the dandelion blend of chicory coffee for the added health benefits, but you can also find chicory coffee blends at Healthy Options without the dandelion for an affordable price as well. You can try Pero Instant Natural Beverage from Healthy Options. As I understand Iherb has a little bit of a steep shipping fee to the Philippines, you may also opt to ask your friends if they’d like to do group purchases with you!

Why: Dandelion is a powerful herb used to remove toxins from the liver. Also, replacing your regular cup of Joe for an all natural herbal alternative reduces cortisol “stress” levels and acidity levels in the body.

Price: P513.84 (+ shipping)

Affordable Health boost #3: Midday Sun Vitamin D Therapy!

Where to buy it: NOWHERE

Why: Midday sun is usually around 11am-1pm. If you’re standing outside, your shadow should be shorter than you! I explain more in my video why and how to get proper vitamin D from the sun, the most natural source, and most affordable source. Best for kids!

Price: FREE! YAY!

Total Spent: P692.84!

What to expect?

Expect to see a significant decrease in mood swings (and tantrums for kids), due to the increase in proper vitamin D intake and decrease in caffeine (for adults).

Expect to see an increase in energy levels as well with an increase in Vitamin D intake from the most natural source, at the most prime time!

Expect to see an improvement in skin texture, cellulite, and any acne build up from dry body brushing (not recommended for children). Although this is a great bonus from dry body brushing, the main focus here is to help drain the lymphatic system internally through the lymph nodes, to help boost immunity and decrease infection rates!

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