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Welcome to It’s Rene Rose! After launching Kana Kare Wellness, an organic skin care company my sister and I founded in 2016, I received many inquiries asking for a blog that would be devoted to health, beauty and wellness. And because this is a personal blog, I’ve decided to throw in some lifestyle, travel and motherhood topics as per requests! Thank you to everyone who personally messaged me or voted in my Instagram polls regarding the topics you would like to read about!

I wanted to kick off the blog’s launch with a Kana Kare Giveaway and give just a little background about the brand and our mission.

Kana Kare was founded on the need to find a skin care brand that was not only clean, organic, affordable and effective, but also had a powerful ‘Local’ message behind it. All products are handmade in the Philippines, in small batches, mainly using local ingredients sourced from Filipino farmers and others all around Asia. Our products contain many amazing ingredients like organic lavender oil, peppermint oil, mandarin oil, rose hip oil, vitamin E, C and more, but we pride ourselves on our two most precious, and Kana Kare’s key ingredients: Moringa ‘Malunggay’ oil and Virgin Coconut oil.

Kana Kare’s vision is to showcase the beautiful and beneficial qualities of Asian ingredients in skin care products to the rest of the world. All while staying true to our mission of being a clean, non toxic and safe brand for all to use, including pregnant and lactating ladies. We gather our research from generations of Asian women who share with us their trade beauty and nutrition secrets, while applying them to our formulations to perfect our products.

With my sister, a scientist, working on our formulations and product development and myself, a Nutrition & Wellness coach, working to make sure all ingredients are 100% natural and chemical free, we are placing all of our love and knowledge into creating better products for our local farmers and your skin. All products are tested on our family and friends, including ourselves, for 12-24 months before reaching the market, and we do absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING!


In Celebration, we are giving away 3 sets of Kana Kare products to 3 lucky winners! Worth over P3,000, the bundle includes our Anti-Pollution Toning Mist, Anti-Pollution Day Moisturizer with SPF 30, and winner’s choice of a Jade Roller, Jade Wand or Rose Quartz Wand! We are also giving away 40% off Discount cards to two friends of each of our 3 winners!


  1. Follow us on IG @Kanakarewellness
  2. Comment below, on this blog post, 3 things you look for in a Skin Care Brand AND your IG account name. (Winners will be chosen via IG)
  3. And finally, tag TWO friends who you would like to receive our special 40% off Discount Card on our latest post on Instagram (@kanakarewellness) with the hashtag #LuckyKanaKare for us to find all entries easily! (Valid once, on ENTIRE order!)

Winners will be choosen the evening of January 28th, Sunday, by raffle! Good Luck!

– Shipping only within the Philippines.


  1. 3 things i look for a skincare brand are these..
    1. Cruelty-free (because who would want to use products that caused animals to be blind, etc.)
    2. No harmful ingredients in all their products (taking care of the body means starting from the outside! ❤️)
    3. Honest (some brands tends to exaggerate what their products are for. And i just want the truth instead of expecting it to do what it’s not supposed to.)

    IG Handle : @allaboutclare

  2. 3 things I personally look for in a skincare brand :
    1. Environmental friendly.. Not tested on animals and products that do not cause any harm to the environment.
    2. Made of natural ingredients. No need to think about all the chemicals I’m feeding my skin because just by knowing that the products I’m using are nothing but organic, I’m sold!
    3. It lives up to its promises. More than the packaging and abundant ingredients, products must deliver. A good skincare brand walk the talk.
    IG account : @justbreatheangelique

  3. What I’m looking for in a skincare brand are: 1. It’s good for oily skin
    2. Non comodegenic and lastly it’s safe to use or what we call organic.

    IG @Belle.vet Gomia

  4. 3 things that I look for in a skincare brand:
    1. Cruelty-free • as a pet lover, this is very important to me.
    2. Homegrown • I love supporting local brands with locally sourced ingredients or materials.
    3. Simple • I enjoy uncomplicated skincare since I’m a single mom

    IG handle: @inadg

  5. I value products that are:
    1. Effective – it’s not skincare if it can’t take care of my skin
    2. Well-formulated – as a pharmacist, I only want to use quality products that are stable and safe
    3. Well-packaged – because it shows that the product was thoughtfully developed. Plus points if the packaging is recyclable/refillable
    IG name: katricelara

  6. I’m want a skin care that;
    -can be used for sensitive skin ( its hard for me to find a good skin care products)
    -natural and organic ingredients
    (What you put on your skin can be dangerous in the long run)
    -easy to use( I want something thats doesn’t have to be complicated)

    Ig: @iamerika_melit

  7. I’m always looking for skincare that has (1) locally-sourced ingredients so that I can have a smaller carbon footprint, (2) natural ingredients that are safe for the skin, and (3) meet my specific needs, one of which is sensitivity to Manila’s growing pollution problem!

    IG: @bey_wolf

  8. 3 things I look for in a skin care brand:

    ● HOMEGROWN – not only shows how loyal we are to what we produce but also give opportunities to our local suppliers ♡
    ● CRUELTY FREE – I also apply this criteria for make up. It’ important not to support unethical practices regardless of the quality of the product.
    ● REASONABLE PRICE – money well-spent means that the product itself and the result justifies the price. You can never complain about that. (and there’s never cheap skin care tbh!)

    IG: @sheenbolanos

  9. Three things I check in a skin care brand are:
    1. Natural ingredients and Organic
    2. Cruelty free
    3. Handcrafted

    IG: @gemnk2

  10. The 3 things I look for in skincare products:
    1. cruelty-free!
    2. natural ingredients
    3. sourced from sustainable resources

    Please pick meow =^.^=

  11. The top three things I look for a skincare brand are: that it’s 100% cruelty-free and non-toxic; proudly local (because we need to support our local lady bosses in their ventures!); and that it’s affordable YET really effective! 🙂

    Congratulations on this Wellness Blog! 🙂

    P.S. My Instagram username is @neen_stagram!

  12. 1. Paraben free – this is to ensure that the product I’m using is fresh and safe to use regularly.
    2. Cruelty free – I am a pet owner myself, so this is really important to me.
    3. Affordable – I really am on the search for “bang for the buck” products.

    IG: jenicallopez

  13. The 3 things I look for a skincare brands are Natural, Non-toxic, and Organic. I know that this brand will surely fit me! 🙂

    IG: @shannenrome

    1. The 3 things I look for a skincare brand is Natural, Non-toxic, and Organic. I know that this brand will surely fit me! 🙂

      IG: @shannenroma

  14. Things that I’m looking for in a skin care brand are these:

    1. Organic
    2. Locally made
    3. Effective

    IG: @tinabocs

  15. When I buy skin care products I usually look for this top 3 essentials.
    1. Natural ingredients/organic – you know your skin is safe when its chemical free
    2. Non toxic to the environment – its so selfish not to take care of Mother Nature that gives us all the resources
    3. Effective – should live up their promises.

    IG: ellenfaithee

  16. Three things that I look for in a skin care brand:

    1. It needs to contain key nutrients and ingredients in their active, pure form.
    2. It needs to respect and it shouldn’t disturb the pH of your skin.
    3. It should be vegan and cruelty-free


  17. For me, skin care products must be:

    1. ORGANIC (the less chemicals they have, the better)

    2. EFFECTIVE (in slowing down the aging process of the skin or in casd of whitening products, they really lighten the skin up. In short, no false Ads)

    3. AFFORDABLE (since I will be using them everyday, for the rest of my life; provided that the productss really work for me 🙂

    IG: marinelmramos

  18. 3 things I look for in a skin care brand are:
    1. It’s cruelty free.
    2. The ingredients used are organic.
    3. The product is well formulated.
    IG: wjs.y

  19. 1. Does what it claims!
    2. Products will not break me out of course (duh)
    3. Cruelty-free, organic

    Ig: @joanneperez_

  20. 1. Cruelty-free, environmentally friendly packaging, businesses that support our local filipino farmers/citizens. – I love how local brands are stepping up their game and coming up with better products that compete with international brands at an affordable price for us filipina beauty enthusiasts. I emphasize cruelty-free because I love animals and I would not support any brand that does animal testing. Also I would love an enviromentally friendly packaging so I know that every time I purchase a product, I am not burdening the environment. Supporting locals, because I would like my money to help others in need and most of those people are the ones who are making a living in our lovely country.
    2. Non-comedogenic: When it comes to skincare, I had to learn that the top priority is to take care of one’s pores… and I had to learn that the hard way.
    3. Reasonably priced: I am not looking for a cheap brand, I am willing to pay for quality and good results. But some brands tend to abuse that. I would definitely stick with a brand that cares for its customers.

    IG: @fyeahskincre

  21. 1. Natural ingredients
    2.Simple — just the active ingredients and less of useless stuffs
    3. Affordable ❤
    And also locally made so we can support ourself locally! 🙂


  22. The 3 most important things I look for in a skincare brand are:
    1. Organic, nontoxic, vegan friendly
    2. Uses earth-friendly or reusable packaging
    3. Gentle on the skin and mildly fragrant ♥


  23. 3 things I look for a skin care brand

    1. Non – comedogenic
    2. Locally made
    3. Environtment friendly.

    IG account name carleen_castillo

  24. Clean and Green – aside from Natural and Organic (Don’t want no harmful and cancer-causing chemicals absorbed on our skin/bodies!) it should also be environmentally friendly (ie recyclable packaging)

    Focused on Natural Beauty – rather than being fixated on becoming light/fair-skinned (and leave us looking like white ladies 😱👻), it celebrates all skin tones.

    Local – aside from being proudly Filipino and quality products that could compete with international brands, it will also be a huge support and empowerment to our Filipino farmers and workers.

    IG 📸: @melcahmay

  25. 3 things I look for in a Skin Care Brand are:
    1. Applicable to Sensitive Skin (no harmful chemicals used)
    2. Effective (happiness is when you can prove that the skin care brand works well with your skin and that their claims are true)
    3. Cruelty Free (animals are cute, i love them)
    IG: @macclemente

  26. 1. Cruelty free— it’s a win win situation. Good for your health, the animals & the environment. ❤️

    2. Non-toxic— knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs in our bodies, I yearn for more naturally made products because I find that they give more tangible results on my skin.

    3. Therapeutic— Because of my problematic skin, I’d love it to feel like it’s not a punishment to take care of my skin. Anything that is relaxing is healing. To look forward into my skincare will win my heart.

    IG: @katrinemlee
    Friends: @sydnyg @tincatacutan

  27. 1. 🍃Free from harmful ingredients
    2. ✨Effective
    3. 🌎Environment-friendly

    IG: le.anne.denise

  28. I look for
    1. All natural products that are chemical free and preferably organic
    2. All in one products that can give multiple benefits so I get the best bang for my buck!
    3. Beautifully packaged items that are prepared in an environmentally friendly manner without compromising beauty and aesthetics.
    IG acct name: karina_mad

  29. 1. Suitable for sensitive skin. I have really bad skin allergies when exposed to harsh chemicals. So it’s really important for me to find something that won’t trigger my allergy.
    2. Locally made. I’ve always loved looking for local brands that provide great skincare and/or makeup products. I find them to cater to our climate and skin better than products from abroad.
    3. Mildly scented. I’d rather leave the harsh scents to my actual perfume. Hahaha


  30. As a new mom, a lot of my views changed and that includes what I put in my body and in my face. I only want the best for me and my son and I wanted that best to be chemical-free, organic, and non-toxic.

    Therefore, the 3 things I look forward in a skincare brand is:
    1. Organic and chemical-free. I breastfeed so this is very important.
    2. Locally-made.
    3. Safe and effective.


  31. 1. Doesn’t test on animals
    2. Strive to give your skin that “GLOW”
    3. Friendly to Sensitive Skin

  32. 1. Doesn’t test on animals
    2. Strive to give your skin that “GLOW”
    3. Friendly to Sensitive Skin

    IG: kokasenerpida

  33. 3 things I look for in a SkinCare Brand:
    1. Makes my skin healthy via or made by organic products
    2. Locally made
    3. Affordable

    IG: @gellabean

  34. 3 things I look for in a skincare brand:

    1. True to its mission/vision/name
    2. Honest pricing
    3. As much as possible, made with all-natural ingredients

    IG: @gabrielledasig

  35. 3 things I look for in skincare other than what my skin needs are:

    ♡ Mild to no fragrance
    ♡ No strong chemicals or all natural
    ♡ Affordable


  36. I for one have tried lots of skincare products already, most especially on my face because there has been a time that the product I’ve been using for the longest time can no longer cope with the changes happening to my body due to adolescence coming to adulting which made me switch to other brands that is actually hard to find here in the Philippines.

    With that, the top 3 most essential things I look for in a skincare brand is it’s SAFETY. Our skin is our largest organ and our face is the first thing that people see, just like with first impressions, the face would definitely show how much you take care of your skin and our face would show it best. Second is the NATURAL INGREDIENTS in the product. Great skin is acquired through the food that we eat and the product that we put on it. Just like how eating fruits and vegetables makes our skin glow, of course the skincare products that we put should support that healthyness in our skin. Last but definitely not the least, the skincare brand should be promoting SELF-LOVE FOR ONE’S SKIN, meaning –what you already have now is supposed to be improved and nourished but not something that should be changed. Here in the Philippines, we grew up with the fair-skin stereotyping-that having a fair skin is the best and that it’s more preferable by many when in fact, it’s not. With the lot of whitening products sprouting from everywhere, I don’t think it helps out people, especially women, in being confident in the skin that they have and that’s something I hope that can be changed by being a brand that advocates all types of color. ☺️

    IG: @larapomer

  37. 3 things i look for skincare brands:

    1. Organic and locally made
    2. Effective (true to its claim)
    3. Reasonably price-whatever the price as long as it is right.

    IG: @kaynarte

  38. 3 things i look for in a skincare brand:
    1. Environment friendly/cruelty-free
    2. Effective and lives up to its promises
    3. Made of natural ingredients/ non-toxic.


    IG name: jacklynpang20

  39. 3 things i look for in skincare brands:

    1. Organic and locally made
    2. Effective (true to its claim)
    3. Reasonably price-whatever the price as long as it is right.

    IG: @kaynarte

  40. • Cruelty Free – here in the philippines, it’s hard to “get to know” if the usual drugstore skin care products that we usually find are cruelty free. Thank God there are local brands/home-made products that is Cruelty-free. Being a vegetarian doesn’t only mean not eating meat, it also means pledging not to hurt any walks of life. So products that are cruelty free is definetely my number 1 priority. 🙂

    • Organic – harmful chemicals are a big no no!!! Not only because it can defienetely harm my skin but because it can also harm the environment. As inhabitans of the earth, we should always be aware of the products that we use, it’s impacts on us, and the ENVIRONMENT.

    • Scent – for me, the scent of the products i use is a big factor. Who would want to use something that smells bad right???
    I find products that smell good, relaxing and at the same time it makes the product enjoyable to use! 🙂

    Ig handle: @gilelouise

  41. 3 things I look for in a skincare brand:

    1. Cruelty-free (Committed in its stance against animal testing)
    2. Organic/natural/non-toxic (you’ll know its safe when they use less chemicals)
    3. Effective

  42. 3 things I look for in a skincare brand:

    1. Cruelty-free (Committed in its stance against animal testing)
    2. Organic/natural/non-toxic (you’ll know its safe when they use less chemicals)
    3. Effective

    IG: @katepurugganan

  43. 3 important things I look for in a skin care brand are:
    1. Organic: safe for me, safe for the environment.
    2. Homegrown: means its tailored for its local consumers because the brand understands their needs.
    3. Effective: its the most important since this will be the measure of how well the product benefits its consumer.

    IG @maisrementina

  44. Three things I look for in skincare brands :
    1. Effective
    2. Hydrating
    3. Gentle and as much as possible, made with natural ingredients

    IG name: swirlingpastels

  45. 3 things I look for in a skin care:
    1. Value for money
    2. Effective
    3. Environment + Pet Friendly

    IG: senyorapia

  46. 3 things I look for in skin care products:
    1) Non-toxic – uses safe, natural ingredients
    2) Great value for money – effective, but doesn’t dig too deep a hole down my pocket
    3) “Investment” value, something that I can stick with for a long time – products that help skin age gracefully deserve loyalty

    IG: @maudlinyel

  47. My criteria for choosing skin care products are:



  48. I’m looking for a cruelty free, eco friendly and affordable skin care product ❤️


  49. I’m looking for a cruelty free, eco friendly and affordable skin care brand ❤️


  50. The top 3 are: One it should be organic, ingredients that are being used. Two, Parabens, PEGs and other yucky ingredients must not be included!! And lastly, the effectiveness to my skin.

    IG: Carlamegan21

  51. 3 things I look for in skin care:

    1. natural / organic
    2. effective (true to its claim)
    3. locally produced (yay for Philippine-made)

    IG account: @dvnelv

  52. What I always look for now in a skin care products since I went the holistic approach are:

    1. Organic
    Definitely, definitely the top consideration. Yes, they can be pricey but reasonably so and I know for certain that buying organic products will be so worth it in the end. Most women don’t know how these “enticingly commercialized” and synthetic products we use nowadays can affect our hormones and overall health overtime. Tip: the lesser, organic and plant-based the ingredients, the better.

    2. Locally Made
    Personally, I but from small and developing and local sellers. They personally know and experience first hand our weather here so they know what the Filipina skin needs. I find that by supporting local brands, we are able to create stronger community.

    3. Eco-friendly
    What is dangerous to our nature will also be dangerous to us. Over the years, we have invented a lot of harmful products just for the sake of convenience, beauty and everything else that are just unnecessary not knowing how these affects our environment and to us.

    IG: @mamikulot

  53. More of skin care less of make up! My ideal skin care product would be:

    1 AFFORDABLE – for I am still studying but still I want to take care of my skin.

    2 EFFECTIVE ofc 💌

    3 LOCALLY MADE.- we want to support local and for it to be accesible

  54. 3 things I look for in skin care :

    1. Value for money -which should cover all the right answers to my questions; Is it safe, how was it manufactured, what products were used, even packaging, etc 😊
    2. Easy to use-being on the go, having the perfect skin care regimen, that wouldnt take too much time could make a huge difference.
    3. Visible results ofcourse 😍


  55. I really want a skin care product that does not promote animal testing because i really believe that yes, it is good to have an organic skin care using the blessings of the environment but also helping other creatures like animals to be really safe while us being very healthy and beautiful. Im really into skincare because i know that our face is our investment and i want to share the jade roller with my mom tho hehe more power to kanakarewellness


  56. What I look for in a skin care brand:
    1. The products should have excellent quality.
    2. Mindful making is important, no animal testing, environment-friendly etc.
    3. The brand should be able to satisfy and recognize the needs of the consumers.


  57. What I want in my skin care regimen are these three things:
    1. organic and effective
    2.gentle and non-comodogenic, doesn’t make skin dry and doesn’t clog pores
    3. magical! 🙂


  58. The three things that I look for in a skin care brand are:
    1. organic and cruelty-free
    2. gentle and non-comodogenic, doesn’t make skin dry and doesn’t clog pores
    3. magical! 🙂 (effective and worth the price)


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