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We recently came home from a short trip to Amanpulo, Aman’s Philippine resort located on Pamalican, Palawan. The beach and sand was like nothing I have seen before, and we’ve visited the Maldives! Click here to read my blog on the Maldives… The sand at Amanpulo was the finest I’ve ever seen and so powdery it turned to a clay mask on your skin. The water was the bluest, even compared to the Maldives. No wonder when we travelled out there the resort manager at our Maldivian hotel said nothing was as beautiful as a Philippine beach. I agree!

The villas were charming and large. I took photos of the bathroom to keep as pegs for our own home. The restaurants were delicious and staff very friendly. Amanpulo was built in the 90’s and keeps that charm without feeling outdated and rundown. We enjoyed their beaches and pool area, and the little sand path from our villa which directly lets out onto the crystal clear water.

Holiday & Luca washing off the sand
Our villa
Our private hammock
Our masseuses
Crystal infused water at the spa

The Herbal Walk

Amanpulo houses a large herb and vegetable garden on one side of the island. My husband and I took a walk through this garden and saw many familiar botanical plants. One fun job of an herbalist is to provide local herbal walks. And although I haven’t had the pleasure to do so yet in Metro Manila, I did find walking through Aman’s garden very informative for my husband, at the least!

For example, many people mistake the flowering tops of Thai basil to be lavender… as did my husband, who is a chef by the way and very much versed in culinary herbs. But it is such an easy mistake for anyone to make. Best way to confirm your herb? Get down and smell it!

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