Balik Bookid Halloween Fair

A graveyard full of self-limiting thoughts and phrases

Located at the beautiful, free-spirited, Acacia Waldorf School in Santa Rosa. The Balik Bookid Halloween fair has been something I’ve been looking forward to since I saw their posts last year! Unfortunately for me, last year’s tickets sold out before I could grab any… so this year I made sure to turn my notifications on for any of their posts and I was happy to be able to grab tickets the first day they went on sale. I wasn’t sure of how many people would be coming with us, so I grabbed 6, just in case. My total bill was around P2,000, not bad!

I’m always looking for some nice things to do with the kids in Manila, or the Philippines in general. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve just recently found a new love for living in the Philippines. After my intense infatuation with wanting to move out of the country, for the sake of the kids, I’ve only just realized that we actually have it SO GOOD HERE! The award for the cleanest air in south east Asia, cheap air flights to any nearby Asian country, having the world’s most beautiful beaches, some of the most intense mountain & volcano ranges to hike, nannies, the list goes on! I find the most important selling point of the Philippines would be the communities of people who are passionate about organic, natural- living, free of judgement. I find this rare in other parts of the world. (The judgement part).

And from these wonderful communities, events like this come full circle for everyone to enjoy. The Balik Bookid fair is committed to hosting an environmentally friendly, all natural event. From the food vendors, product merchants to each attraction, the Balik Bookid fair is a plastic-free event. You’re asked to bring your own bag, water bottle, and even utensils!

We enjoyed so thoroughly the carabao rides, horse rides, petting zoo, and zip lines for the kids. As well as the shopping, where I picked up some children’s books and non-toxic nail polish (which we also carry at The Chai Nail Spa) from local vendors. I loved the kombucha from Wholesome Table so much, I had two servings of it!

Everyone had such a wonderful time, including the nannies. I cannot wait for next years Balik Bookid event! And now I’m off to see if sending Luca to school here is an actual possibility…

This guy made Luca cry… many times. But such a great costume!

Spicy pepperoni and honey pizza!

Luca went as Thanos

Honestly didn’t mean for her to pull the entire plant out of the ground…
Holiday and I make the same faces

Ella + Mila is our best selling polish choice at The Chai!


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First Day of the Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday we spent the evening out on a boat to watch the pyrolympics fireworks shows put on by the countries Philippines and Switzerland. It was a beautiful 3 and a half hours spent with close friends, some wine and music.

This was set up by my husband as a post Valentine’s Day present, and also happened to fall on the first day of the Chinese New Year. It’s so refreshing to celebrate two New Years every year, I personally set different goals for the Western New Year and for the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. Some of my Lunar resolutions this year are to meditate more often and to spend far more time in nature…

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6 Things I Learned about Relationships While Living in Asia

1. Courtship is Sacred

It’s common to base a new relationship off of the quality and duration of the courtship in Asia.

Some courtships lasting from a few months to a few years! In my own case, my husband courted me for 6 months.

During the duration of a courtship, it is common and OK for the lady to entertain more than one suitor. Meaning if you have 3 men courting you, it is totally OK to go on dates which each of them to find that winning guy! Asian men really want to make a show of their efforts and intentions with the lady they’re pursuing to prove that their love is true…

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