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Please scroll all the way to the last section of this post for a short video I made on our day trip!

Hey guys! If you’ve read through my last post about our wonderful time at Hidden Valley Springs, and you were thinking of taking a day trip up there, I’ve put together a small packing list for you! The first 4 things on the list are for if you are going with a baby, and if you’re not then please skip to the last 3 things. Everyone needs the last 3 things on the list! Lets get to it!

  1. Mustela 50+ Spf Sunscreen for baby. I personally love this brand. It’s a little bit pricey but totally worth the splurge on their sincere products for children!
  2. Mustela After Sun Spray. The perfect pair to the Mustela sunscreen, if baby somehow got a little too much sun you can apply this on them right after washing them down. I apply this on Luca regardless if I think he’s gotten sunburn or not, just to be safe and to give his skin some comfort.
  3. Number 3 is the Babyganics Lip and Face balm. Babyganics has been a long time trusted brand of mine because it’s 100% safe for baby with no nasty chemicals! I love every single one of their products. The lip and Face balm works for any little thing and it’s tiny enough to throw in your purse! For particular trips like these I make sure to lather some balm on Luca’s lips and just a bit on the outer corner of his lips…. making my way, sometimes, over to his cheeks, as he gets dry skin in those areas quickly. Did I mention adults can use it too?!
  4. Another absolute favorite is the Babyganics Eczema Care Skin Protective Cream. This cream is really for babies with eczema, but for beach trips and times where I know Luca will be swimming or in the sun, I use this as a diaper cream. Right after I rinse him of the swimming pool water, I apply this cream to his diaper area and some parts of his legs and arms. Just to make sure he gets that extra moisture. This cream does wonders! (Babyganics products are available at Healthy Options stores)
  5. Bring your own towels! If you’re doing a day trip here, there won’t be any towels available for you to use. Pack your own to be safe!
  6. Bring your own water bottles. There isn’t a pool bar or anything of the likes for ordering drinks by the pool. And instead of buying water in plastic bottles, let’s try to be kinder to the earth and use reusable water bottles. After all, you are coming to enjoy a beautiful gift from mother earth.
  7. And last, bring you’re own toiletries for showering after you have finished swimming for the day. There are locker rooms and showers for guests to rinse off and refresh, so you’ll want to really soap up before getting into the car for the long ride home!

And that’s it! For anyone who is going to take the trip please let me know how your experience turns out! Have fun!

See our video of our day trip to Hidden Valley Springs below!

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