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Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday we spent the evening out on a boat to watch the pyrolympics fireworks shows put on by the countries Philippines and Switzerland. It was a beautiful 3 and a half hours spent with close friends, some wine and music.

This was set up by my husband as a post Valentine’s Day present, and also happened to fall on the first day of the Chinese New Year. It’s so refreshing to celebrate two New Years every year, I personally set different goals for the Western New Year and for the Lunar (Chinese) New Year. Some of my Lunar resolutions this year are to meditate more often and to spend far more time in nature…

After all the stresses of recent; moving homes, building another home, travelling, running multiple businesses on both my husband and my side, and taking care of a toddler, we needed to take a breather and have some time to just enjoy the present moment.

Shortly after the beautiful sunset last night we were able to catch both firework shows of team Philippines and team Switzerland. I personally enjoyed the show put on by Switzerland as it was synchronized so beautifully to classical music. Watching fireworks from a boat is a totally different experience than when watching them from the ground. And this was my first time to experience it this way!

The sound isn’t shocking and the lights aren’t overwhelming… everything is a lot more calmer being out in the sea and you’re able to see the real big picture that was intended by the people who put the show together.

I’ll be honest, this was my first time to really appreciate and be in awe of the art of a fireworks show and what a way to ring in the Lunar Year!

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