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Now that boarders are easing travel restrictions and more people are willing to take vacations, a reoccurring question in my herbal practice with my clients comes up, “What herbs should I bring for travel?

Traveling with herbs is done best when you are traveling with tinctures or capsules. But the safest and easiest way, by far, are tinctures. I’ll be mostly recommending Mary Ruth‘s tinctures, as I do in my practice, because it is easy to get locally in the Philippines and well trusted. I am not sponsored by them but they are kind enough to give all of my clients and followers discounts by using this code: RENE5HERBALS

Holly using the Ashwagandha tincture while we are at the family farm

I prefer tinctures when traveling because they are easy to administer, child-friendly and because liquid provides a more concentrated dose with faster results. Make sure to keep them in a separate bag with all your health items, where they won’t get hit or bang up against anything that might damage them.

For Stamina use Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb which, as it is described, helps to adapt and stabilize the body through the stresses of life. It is popular in Ayurveda and in clinical herbalism it is given to children who have failure-to-thrive, adults who under-go incredible amounts of stress, and those who have hormonal imbalances. Ashwagandha is quite literally translated from Sanskrit to “like a horse” and it gets its name by being the go-to herb to increase strength, life force and stamina. Before you head out for your journey have your family take a dropper of an Ashwagndha tincture. And if its a very arduous journey you can take it throughout the trip as well. Please follow instructions on the bottle for dosage.

For Immune Support use Echinacea

Echinacea is a wonderful herb that really helps to boost and support the immune system. I always recommend Echinacea for acute illness, colds, viruses and for travel, BUT NEVER FOR LONG TERM USE. Due to is incredible strength, Echinacea can overload the liver in long-term use, so it’s important to only use Echinacea for short periods. Take a dropper of an Echinacea tincture at the start of a trip and continue every other day until the trip is over, lasting no longer than a month. Please follow instructions on the bottle for dosage.

For Allergic Reactions or other inflammatory issues that may arise use Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle is an herbalist’s staple. It’s great for managing acute inflammation and allergy flare ups both internally and topically! And proves extremely handy and effective in slowing the progression of an allergic reaction, if the reaction is severe please seek immediate medical attention.

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