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Laboraide is something I’ve only recently learned about during this pregnancy thanks to some of my other mama friends. It contains very few ingredients but is packed with so much goodness for a labor-ing mama. The main ingredient being Raspberry Leaf Tea is recommended to drink throughout pregnancy, starting with one cup a day in the first trimester and increasing to up to 2 cups a day in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

I’ve always been a very big raspberry leaf tea drinker, even when I’m not pregnant, because I found that it helps to keep my endometriosis symptoms at bay. This caffeine-free herbal tea helps to strengthen the uterine wall and can lessen the amount of laboring time…

if not that, it certainly helps to make the whole birthing process easier by aiding in digestion and reducing inflammation in the body. This may help with those painful after birth contractions that may last well into the second week of baby’s life, I know this to be true for me! OUCH! By drinking raspberry leaf tea (hot or cold) before, during and after pregnancy can have major positive results with women’s reproductive health and it’s definitely worth the health investment from my own personal experiences. Raspberry leaf tea is available at Healthy Options.

A pinch of Sea Salt to provide some very much needed electrolytes during labor is crucial. During both of my labors the feeling of dehydration was real, and all I had on hand at the time was plain water. It helped, but I needed to drink very often. With a little bit of sea salt, a small sip can go a long way in hydration.

Honey to sweeten! I use my favorite honey from my local health foods store.

A whole lemon to give you that extra boost of vitamin C throughout labor and to balance out the the flavors of the honey and raspberry leaf tea. I actually only just noticed that fresh lemonade in general really gives me a good energizing boost throughout my last trimester, so I’ve definitely loaded up my laboraide with lemon too!

Magnesium (optional) I personally LOVE magnesium. I drink it when I’m not pregnant in powder form and I regularly give myself and my children baths in topical magnesium. It’s amazing for its calming properties and helps in the absorption of calcium – something that every mama needs for strong bones before, during and after pregnancy. Having a magnesium deficiency can lead to complications like premature labor and hypertension. You can purchase magnesium at Healthy Options or on the IHerb app! I highly recommend the brand Natural Vitality Calm.


To create a one liter jug:

  • 3 Teabags of Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1 Fresh Lemon
  • Honey to sweeten (personal option here for measurement) I personally do 1 tablespoon
  • 1 Tbsp of Magnesium


I like to prepare mine in advance and drink a cup a day in my last months. Particularly in the last month when I’m experiencing hot flashes quite often.

First brew your 3 teabags in hot water, mix in honey, magnesium and sea salt and let cool to room temp. Once cool, add in lemon and pop into refrigerator to chill! Done! Drink a glass a day and once in labor you may drink as many glasses as you need to refresh and replenish yourself! Enjoy!

Keeps in the refrigerator for 5 days.
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