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Arrival, Prices, & Finding something to eat…

From December to Febuary 28th Manila Ocean Park is running a PROMO 80% off ticket prices! My husband has his doubts that they will ever charge full price, but either way, we paid for the full pass to see all the exhibits at only P995 a person! If you’re child is over 2 feet tall you will have to pay full price for them…

Ocean Park is half a mall and half an aquarium and zoo. First things first when arriving was to find something to eat. I was teribbly hangry from the hour long drive from Mandaluyong, so we stopped at one of the first restaurants we saw, Gerry’s Grill. They had an amazing view of the ocean and outdoor seating which was really refreshing despite the time, around noon, it wasn’t too hot and actually quite nice! There was a cool breeze, I had a hot coffee and we ordered some really good Filipino food. Order the Dynamite cheese sticks and the Adobo Rice!

(Pictured above) Another beautiful cafe with sunlight seating right by the entrance of the mall! They have good coffee and pastries! I forgot the name of the place but it will be hard to miss.

The Aquarium

We went on a Monday, hoping to beat the weekend rush, and we did! We got around the aquarium without any large crowds or having to step over people. I really enjoyed this part of the park and Luca had fun running around to every tank and the next! There is a beautiful 360 tank with sharks and other sea creatures, I have to lift Luca up everytime so he can be ‘closer’ to them.

Fish Spa!

My absolute favorite part of the park is the fish spa! This is my second time doing a fish spa and Luca’s first time! It was really funny, Luca loves to swim with fish and so he was beyond excited to pop his feet into the water at first… but once the fish started to pick off his dead skin he had a total freak out! My husband is super ticklish on his feet so he opted out, I on the other hand enjoyed every second of the relaxing spa! Scroll down to see Luca’s facial expression! 

Even funnier, when it was time to leave Luca didn’t want to leave the fish spa, he enjoyed watching the fish eat at mommy’s feet! This area of the aquarium is outdoor and you get to enjoy the cool sea breeze and great views. P.S look at that amazing view in the second photo below!

Penguins & Crawlers…

I would say the penguin exhibit was truly unique to Ocean Park. You get up close and personal with the little birds and even get to feed them! You’re obviously not allowed to touch them, but their care taker does come into the exhibit to take your photo with them. It was really heart warming to see Luca’s expression when the penguin would get close to him. This exhibit is totally worth the trip! See photos below!

Another section that was intriguing to Luca but frightening at the same time was the Creepy Crawlers exhibit of insects, lizards and snakes. They even had some rare mutations of snakes that aren’t usually found in nature like the Albino Burmese Python! Luca’s loves to play with insects in the dirt and grass but to see them in little encloures probably made him a little more cautious, haha!

  1. Soooo adorable! I can absolutely relate to Luca and his reaction towards the fish spa haha! I would still give it another try the next time I’m in the Philippines. Hopefully by then I will get over what ever it is that freaks me out so much. Beautiful pictures 🙂

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