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absolutely love when the new year comes around. It is the time I focus the most on planning and budgeting for my family, my work and my personal life including what improvements I want to make in my finances, work and home. The new year is also a time to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year. A bittersweet moment this past year was my second child, Holiday, out growing her diapers and moving on to potty training. It’s so sad to see her without her diaper tushy, but also such a proud moment to know she’s learning and growing up! So, I currently still have Aurora in diapers, and it will be so much easier to budget in diapers now that only one of my children is still using them!

This last year has definitely picked up from the pandemic but it’s still an individual journey getting household budgets back on track. Pampers has always understood the socio-economic realities of parents. In fact, Pampers had its biggest price down announcement last September and will continue to make it easier for Power Parents as they are now relaunching the Pampers Rewards Club! This means that new, and existing, Power Parents can invest to win monthly cash prizes and vouchers! 

Each month one lucky winner will receive P5,000 and threelucky winners of P2000 e-commerce vouchers are chosen via a random raffle draw! There will also be one grand winner of P100,000 cash prize which will be drawn and announced no later than October 13, 2023. So, you may be wondering, how do I join and win? It’s simple! Just go to www.pampersrewards.phand follow these three easy steps!

1. Buy any Pampers Pants

2. Take a photo or screenshot of your receipt from any grocery store, drug store, or online store

3. Every month, you can get a chance to WIN exciting prizes!

Wait! There’s more!

You can increase your chances of winning by referring a fellow Power Parent! All you need to do is invite other parents to sign up using their registered mobile number as the referral code. The more sign-ups, the more entries you accumulate for the raffle!

This year will be such an amazing year with Pampers giving us more options to save and win. I have been using Pampers for my family for over 7 years and if you haven’t tried already, now is the best time to switch over to Pampers and join our community to win big prizes! Start your new year by purchasing Pampers over at Shopee or Lazada or any other store and get a chance to win every month.

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