Ubud, Bali


Ubud is the perfect one-stop-shop for food, culture and nature. It was quite a drive from our area in Nusa Dua, about an hour and a half drive considering the traffic. One of our first stops in the mountain city was a restaurant with floating cabanas on a large koi pond. At the Bebek Teba Sari Resto most of the architecture is built with, and inspired by bamboo huts! The food was also very local, fresh and delicious! We ordered a beef and watermelon salad, chicken satay with peanut sauce, I also had a roast chicken, and then my favorite for dessert was black glutinous sticky rice with some ice cream on the side!

The beauty of this place is that it sits right next to a tropical plantation. We were able to get some beautiful shots of the landscape with our drone!

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Supplement Vitamins I Currently Take

I used to be one of those people who thought vitamins were superfluous and just another thing to stress out about. It wasn’t until I experienced my own health crisis, and during my enrollment at a health coaching school, did I realize the importance of vitamins and how they would soon make an impact on […]

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First Day of the Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Yesterday we spent the evening out on a boat to watch the pyrolympics fireworks shows put on by the countries Philippines and Switzerland. It was a beautiful 3 and a half hours spent with close friends, some wine and music. This was set up by my husband as a post Valentine’s […]

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Beautizone – Eyelash Extension Experience

Beautizone Location: Building 3 Tuscany, Upper McKinley Road, Taguig  Contact Number: (02) 800 1046 I visited Beautizone the other day to get myself some natural looking eyelash extensions. I desperately need to save some time in the morning while we’re in the process of moving to a new home, relocating my nail spa and preparing a new […]

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Manila Ocean Park

Arrival, Prices, & Finding something to eat… From December to Febuary 28th Manila Ocean Park is running a PROMO 80% off ticket prices! My husband has his doubts that they will ever charge full price, but either way, we paid for the full pass to see all the exhibits at only P995 a person! If […]

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Day Trip Packing List: Hidden Valley Springs

Please scroll all the way to the last section of this post for a short video I made on our day trip! Hey guys! If you’ve read through my last post about our wonderful time at Hidden Valley Springs, and you were thinking of taking a day trip up there, I’ve put together a small packing […]

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