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Our Room and Private Lagoon

When we arrived to the Ritz, it was 2am and we immediately passed out for the night. The next day, and for the rest of the trip, our room was a complete mess so I didn’t take any photos of the inside… Rest assured the inside is just as beautiful as the rest of this resort!

We got the ground floor room with straight access to the private lagoon, which is not actually private to only you but shared with about 6 other rooms which isn’t too bad!! Even though all therooms were booked on our floor, we only saw other people in the lagoon once! It feels completely private, and even if all the guests of the rooms on our floor were in the lagoon, it’s so large you wouldn’t feel bothered at all.

One morning we decided to try a floating breakfast, it’s odd at first to swim and eat at the same time but it’s also incredibly relaxing. Luca thought it was strange at first too, but he eventually warmed up to it and ate a little bit!

The Garden Area

Walking from the rooms to the beach, you’ll pass right through a large and lush garden right in the center of the resort! There’s hundreds of koi fish, lily pads and even little decks for doing yoga in the morning!

The resort also has some monkeys walking around, as does most of Bali, and it’s fun to see them make an appearance every now and then. The kids absolutely love it, Luca wanted to get really close and I was able to get a beautiful shot of a monkey eating!

The Beach and Pool Area

I highly recommend the Ritz because they literally have the nicest beach in the area. The waters are such a clear blue and it’s private and not at all crowded with people. The beach and pool area are right next to each other, with unobstructed views of the clear blue ocean! With so many cabanas and beds, you’ll never have to worry about racing to reserve a seat, The Ritz made sure to have enough space for all of its guests! And really… it was so hard for us to even want to leave the resort at all!

We met a couple who decided to stay 10 days at The Ritz and just stayed within the resort the entire trip! I don’t blame them! There’s plenty to do at The Ritz like water sports, surfing, camel riding along the beach, the spa, local weaving classes, perfume making and more!

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