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Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! So let’s talk about Herbalism…

Although a practice which has been around since the beginning of human existence, Herbalism has been lost and suppressed throughout history. With the founding of allopathic and synthetic medicines, and other methods of diagnosis and treatment, Herbalism has also been pushed to the side as something mystical or witchcrafty. Herbalist throughout history have been regarded as natural healers, barefoot doctors, alchemists and even just the local neighborhood woman who you go to when you have a cough, cold or other illness.

Today, Herbalists are clinically trained and registered under governing bodies who regulate our work. I am currently regulated by practice under the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (UK). It takes about 4 years of study for an herbalist to be recognized as a clinical herbalist, although many herbalists will continue school for 7-10 years or longer! Herbalism is a field where herbalists are constantly learning with new studies coming forward everyday! After graduation, getting accepted into a regulating body may take several months to years to achieve. Most regulating bodies require a set amount of clinical hours (between 400-10,000 hours), a minimum of 800 hours of botanical education, a working apothecary and knowledge of at least 100 herbs, case studies, and recommendations from colleagues.

In most parts of the world today, Herbalists are recognized as General Practitioners.

An Herbalist is responsible for providing you with natural and safe methods of maintaining health through herbs, supplements and nutrition. In most parts of the world Herbalists are recognized as general practitioners and, if needed, are required to send you to the proper specialists, if your illness may be life-threatening.

My respiratory blend, with a pandesal on the side ūüėČ

So, what can an Herbalist do for you?

  • Help you to identify¬†how to take herbal¬†supplements, which ones can be taken together and for¬†how long it is safe to take.¬†
  • Cross check herbal¬†supplements you may be taking for¬†contraindications¬†to certain drugs, autoimmune diseases and other health concerns.
  • Provide a herbal plan for¬†acute illness, like a cough, cold, fever and the likes. As well as provide you a herbal plan for¬†maintenance¬†of auto-immune diseases and long term illnesses.¬†
  • Provide you with herbs from my apothecary to address your health concerns with correct dosage that is specific to your needs and body.

As an Herbalist and a Nutritional Consultant I can: 

  • Help you to achieve your weight goals through nutritional planning supplemented with herbals if you choose.
  • Help you maintain optimal health through herbs & diet.
  • Give you better understanding of how your body works, what it needs, and doesn’t need.
All blends are measured and mixed by me, and me alone.

My specialties:

  • Hormonal Imbalances; Endometriosis, PCOS, Infertility and the likes.
  • Auto-immune disease management.
  • General support for the heart, respiratory system, liver & kidney.
  • Depression & Sleep management.
  • Children’s health and herbs.
  • Vaccine Protocol¬†– preparing your body for vaccines and post health management

How to book:

To book a Herbal Consultation with me, head over to this link!

Or if you’d like to order tea right away you can head over to this link!

Rosa centifolia
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