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Hi everyone! I’am so excited to be writing about something I’ve been doing for awhile now for my personal health, and will now be offering as a product for purchase over at Kana Oriental very soon! Let’s get right to it!

Yoni Steam, V-Steam, or Suob, as we say in Tagalog is the process by which you do a “sauna” for your special lady parts. There are a lot of different opinions as to whether a Suob is actually beneficial or not…

but we’ve been practicing this in the Filipino culture for hundreds of years and I will also be speaking from my own personal experience.

My first encounter with a Suob for my lady parts was right after I gave birth to my son, a traumatic birth that left me with a deep episiotomy cut, stitches, and a raw wound that needed plenty of healing! My mother-in-law quickly had our house help prepare a soothing blend of dried local herbs steeped in hot water and placed in a bowl, which I basically sat over with a towel draped around me to enclose the steam. Now, you can get awesome toilet bowls for yoni steams over on Lazada, click here for the one I have! After my first suob right away I felt so much better, whether my wound was healing faster or not, I WAS receiving the calming benefits of relaxation which definitely helped to lower my cortisol and stress levels thus helping to promote healing in my body & a peaceful mind amongst having a new born. I needed these moments of self-care.

Some of the ingredients used in my first suob were your usual kind of “Pito – Pito” blend: Guava leaves, Mango leaves, Pandan leaves, Banaba leaves, Anise seeds, Coriander seeds and Alagao leaves. Sometimes all of them and sometimes just a few 2 or 3. After my second birth I had already some knowledge in Herbal and biomedicine from being in school and I started to create my own herbal blends along with essential oils to spice up my suob. And today I’m going to share with you the mix I’ve made for Kana Oriental!

Ingredients, Benefits & Instructions:

In our special Kana Suob blend for postpartum, I mixed 3 special dried herbs that provide deep healing properties for women. You can choose to mix a little bit of our blend with your Pito Pito leaves, or any other suob mix you make at home! Our suob works amazing on its own as well and includes a 5ML tincture of Organic Japanese Peppermint oil in each order! Just place a few drops into your suob for a stimulating effect!

Dried Polish Heather Flowers: These little purple colored flowers are known for being highly anti-bacterial and help to reduce inflammation in wounds.

Dried Egyptian Chamomile Flowers: Chamomile is known to help soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin.

Dried Pakistani Rose Petals & Buds: In a steam, Rose petals not only release a beautiful calming aromatic scent which leaves you feeling like the powerful goddess you are, but it also helps to soothe skin and wounds as well as helping to moisturize.

How to use: In a big bowl, put in your own blend of suob leaves plus 3 tablespoons of our blend. OR you can just use 5 heaping tablespoons of our blend. Pour boiling water over the leaves and give it a good mix. quickly pour the concoction and all of the contents into your toilet pan and add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil. Take a seat with a towel draped around your legs to capture the steam and enjoy for 10-15 mins… or lets be honest, for as long as baby allows you to.

Important note: Did you know? Suobs can be used even if you haven’t just given birth! You can also do a suob when you’re not pregnant to help with cleansing after menstrual cycles and heavy discharge.

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